About Us

Company Profile:

The company was incorporated sometime in 2013. It is setup for the sole purpose to provide accredited safety training to industries under the Ministry Of Manpower, Occupational Safety Department certification scheme and SSG WSG Agency WSQ frameworks.


  1. To provide relevant safety training to workers & management in enhancing the safety of their workplace and to engage themselves in safety behavior whilst at work.
  2. To provide safety training of the highest quality;
  3. To provide conducive environment for the training


To support our clients’ business and personal development goals, through our training programmes that offer the pathway to increased individual and organizational performances.




The organization’s experience in training rests on the experience of the persons behind the company and the pool of qualified trainers/facilitators from the industry. Although the company is newly incorporated, the main partner, Mr. Rosli Bin Pitchay, Mr Md Nasser Bin Hamdan and Mr. S. Govindaraju is involved in running the company. They have vast experience in engineering, construction and manufacturing industries. They have in total amongst themseves been in the business for the last 30 plus years, having held a portfolios of supervisory and managerial positions of several companies in charge their workforce safety well-being and training requirements.

With the setting up of the company, we have with us qualified, approved accredited trainers/facilitators with relevant industries experience who will be running the daily activities in the training centre. 

All our trainers/facilitators in the centre are fully competent and qualified for the delivery of courses. They are existing approved accredited trainers/facilitators by MOM, LSP and SSG to conduct the safety courses. They are well versed in delivering and developing safety-training courses for industries.

They have been trained and worked as safety supervisors, safety coordinators, WSHO, ECO, lifting supervisors and other related safety courses and have extensive practical industrial experience.  It is our centre commitment to develop and deliver programs to further their skills and knowledge in their field to assist our clients in their training needs.