Terms and Conditions

  1. Trainee is to select the correct, suitable language and medium of instruction (if any) for the course during enrollment. EFG Training Services Pte Ltd will not be liable for any error due to enrolling the incorrect language medium.

2. The course schedule selected is subjected to confirmation. EFG Training Services Pte Ltd reserves the rights to withdraw or re-schedule class without prior notice. Venue and room are subject to changes.

3.     For payment by cheque, it shall be made payable to “EFG Training Services Pte Ltd 

4.    The amount refundable is based on the date of withdrawal as follows:

If notice of withdrawal is received 2 weeks or more before the start of course100% refund of fees
If notice of withdrawal is received 1 week or more before the start of course50% refund of fees
If notice of withdrawal is received less than1 week of the CourseNo refund

5.    Examination and Assessment:

  • Trainees are advised to be punctual on the day of examination / assessment. Late participants may be barred from taking the examination / assessment.
  • If trainee is found cheating, trainee will be barred from the examination / assessment, and EFG Training Services Pte Ltd reserves the rights to take necessary actions.

6.    Certificate/Card collections:

Trainee who passes the assessment shall collect their certificate / safety pass within 1 month after the notification of collection.  If certificate / safety pass is not collected, it will be destroyed without prior notice.

7.    For all funded, individual or company is required to reimburse EFG Training Services Pte Ltd 

           the full course fee should the trainee fail to 

  • Achieve at least attendance requirements and/or 
  • Pass the exam/Competent in assessment
  • no show for class

8.   SDF Funding:

  • For first timer without SDF account, company need to be register for a new company profile at SkillsConnect Portal at (www.skillsconnect.gov.sg)
  • All companies must submit an online application for a Full Fee Course Training Grant Application to WDA before the commencement date.
  • Claims have to be submitted within 20 days from the course end date upon completion of course. The training grant and/or absentee payroll will be disbursed to your GIRO account as stated under your profile.
  • Payment of Full Course Fee to GST must be paid by company’s cheque/ Cash or GIRO. (DO NOT pay by nets/eNETS)
  • Fund is not eligible for repeat participation in the same course title.

9. EFG Training Services Pte Ltd is committed on maintaining the confidentiality of applicant’s personal information and undertakes not to reveal any of the applicant’s information to any 3rd party without prior written consent of the applicant.